About that “Image Showing What Dolphins See With Echolocation” thing…

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I’ve had a few queries from folks looking for comments/thoughts on the recent press release from speakdolphin.com that purportedly reveals an image of “What Dolphins See With Echolocation.” The press release has been repackaged as a news story that is making the rounds on the web. As far as my take on this story goes from a scientific perspective, there is  really nothing I can say. The researchers involved in generating these images have not published any scientific articles (peer-reviewed or otherwise) which would allow the scientific community to evaluate what is going on with their work. In other words, the scientific community is waiting on published studies to properly determine the legitimacy  of the claims being made. A press release does not provide enough information, and should be taken with a grain of salt at this stage. For those interested in learning about what dolphins “see” with their echolocation based on the current body of published scientific evidence, here is a very small sample of helpful books and articles:

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