When not doing science, I like to blow off steam by working as a voice actor. Using my disarming nerd voice, I’ve tried to sell people the following products: obscure software (Microsoft), “beer”(Budweiser), German motor vehicles (Volkswagen), British motor vehicles (MG Rover), happiness (Baileys Irish Cream), and broken dreams (Bank of Ireland). I’ve also collaborated with major animation studios like the Emmy award winning Magma Productions and A. Film to transform my nerd voice into onscreen animated characters, which landed me on IMDB, which means my mom thinks I’m famous now.

Check out my starring role as Thor in the trailer for Thor: Legends of Valhalla

Listen to my voice demos:

Character Demo

Commercial Demo

Narration Demo

P.S. – Check out this little promo for an animated TV series called Cosmo’s Takeaway- I supply all the voices: