Are dolphins really smart?Are Dolphins Really Smart? provides a highly critical look at the popular myths about dolphin intelligence and behaviour. Justin Gregg presents the latest scientific findings, highlighting the clash between scientific fact and pseudoscience. Incorporating the latest research, this is important reading for all interested in animal behaviour.

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Published in 2013 by Oxford University Press


22FantasticalFactsDolphin researcher Justin Gregg dives deep into the scientific  wonders of one the world’s most-loved animals to bring you this  collection of fascinating dolphin trivia. Twenty-Two Fantastical  Facts about Dolphins will delight dolphin aficionados with eyebrow-raising tales.

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Published in 2015 by Outside the Lines Press



Is this the fanciest goat in the whole wide world? He wears a top hat, and has his own chauffeur. He can fly a plane, and dance ballet. Hold on a second. Something doesn’t add up here. Is he admiring the Mona Lisa, or is he eating it? On closer inspection, this poor goat isn’t the least bit fancy.

This laugh-out-loud picture book (for ages 3 – 8) chronicles the adventures of a hapless goat whose owner believes him to be waaaaaay fancier than he actually is. Written by Jeremy Holmes and Justin Gregg, with illustrations by Jeremy Holmes.

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Published in 2018 by Outside the Lines Press