Escaped killer dolphin story confirmed as bogus

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The Russian news agency that first broke the story of escaped killer dolphins (RIA Novosti) has, as of this morning, run an article suggesting that the news story is entirely bogus. According to the report, Ukrainian military officials traveled to the State Oceanarium and saw the supposedly “escaped” dolphins with their own eyes. The director of the Oceanarium, Anatoly Gorbachyov, confirmed that the document sent to the media detailing the dolphin escape was a fake – and contained a badly forged version of his signature. The folks at the Oceanarium also state that the former Soviet military dolphins are not even being trained for military purposes at present, which I am inclined to believe given that 1) the only source suggesting that they’re being trained to kill people is the news agency RIA Novosti, which now has a dubious track-record of reporting on Ukrainian dolphin affairs, and 2) the State Oceanarium appears to be using these ex-military dolphins for therapy and recreational swim purposes. It seems unlikely that the same dolphins allegedly being trained to stab combat divers with face-knives are also letting toddlers ride around on their backs. And with this latest report, we can retire the riveting story of Ukrainian killer dolphins. It was fun while it lasted interwebs. But maybe from now on we’ll live by the motto “pics or it didn’t happen.” (and this pic does not count)

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