Top 4 dolphin science discoveries you might have missed this year

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If you follow along with dolphin science news, you probably know about a recent study showing that whale and dolphin (cetacean) pelvic bones, which were once considered ‘evolutionary leftovers’, are now thought to be a vital component of their sexual reproduction equipment. Scientists discovered that bigger pelvic bones in cetaceans correspond to bigger testicles, and also allow for more agile penises by acting as a stable base to anchor the penis muscles. Yes, dolphins have penis muscles. A bit more penile control coupled with large testicles (which produced more sperm) gave males of some species of cetacean a mating advantage.

Old news, right?

But this list of dolphin news might not be. Check out are a few dolphin science discoveries that seemed to have slipped under the media’s radar over the past few months – full article over at Earth Touch.

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