Ukrainian killer dolphins – the saga continues

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Yesterday’s story about killer Ukrainian dolphins on the loose appears to have gone viral, with a handful of news agencies and blogs citing my blog entry as the basis for the story (e.g., The Atlantic, BoingBoing). It’s fun to hear folks at the Huffington Post Live mention my name (even if tainted with sarcasm – “dolphin scientist” is a real thing people), or see screenshots of my blog as my words are quoted on air. It’s important to point out though that I had nothing to do with this story other than to re-post the information I found on the Russian news agency RIA Novosti’s website with added humor.

The Ukrainian military has denied the original reports by RIA Novosti that the dolphins did in fact escape. This Ukrainian news report from today seems to be suggesting (as far as I can tell from Google Translate) that the entire news report was based on false information, with  RIA Novosti having received documents supposedly from military officials, but containing forged signatures, detailing a dolphin prison-break that never happened.

So are there killer dolphins on the loose or not? There is no clear answer at present. Perhaps journalists will make their way to Sevastapol and bring us back the real story. In the meantime, we can enjoy the many humorous images of killer dolphins that the interwebs have been generating:

dolphin missile

Courtesy of Jenni Ryall from

UPDATE: This news story is confirmed as bogus. Read more here.

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