As a freelance science-writer, Gregg has published articles in The Wall Street Journal, Aeon Magazine, Scientific American, BBC Earth, BBC Focus, Slate, New Scientist, among others. He has blogged for Earth Touch, Oxford University Press Blog, and created and hosted The Dolphin Pod.

The Wall Street Journal

The Modern Science of Dolphin Intelligence (original title) (December 2013)

Aeon Magazine
Do dolphins really share a special bond with humans? (November 2013)

Scientific American
A New Frontier in Animal Intelligence (Mind Matters blog, October 2013)

BBC Earth
Is your toddler really smarter than a chimpanzee? (October, 2014)
Are dolphins cleverer than dogs? (September 2014)

BBC Focus
How smart are dolphins? (Print edition, February, 2013)

You Had Me at “Cybernetic Dolphins” (Future Tense blog, November 2013)

New Scientist
Dolphins get the point (Third Prize Wellcome Trust and New Scientist Essay Competition 2008)
Will humans ever be able to speak or even understand dolphin?
(Last Word Column, July 2013)

Earth Touch
A pilot whale choked to death when a fish tried to escape through its blowhole (November 20 2015)
Welcome to ‘Octopolis’, an underwater battleground where octopus warfare is heating up (September 1 2015)
Miracle of dolphin birth interrupted when male dolphins attack newborn calf (July 23 2015)
Top 6: Places where you can swim with giant ocean predators (November 4 2014)
Top 4 dolphin science discoveries you might have missed this year (Sept 30, 2014)
This hero octopus mom sits on her eggs for four and a half YEARS (July 30 2014 )
New report says our oceans are dying – but it’s not too late to change that ( June 27 2014 )
New study: Male frogs sound sexier in storm drains (June 05 2014 )
It’s time to figure out just how smart honey badgers really are (May 08 2014 )
Has the United States resumed whaling? Unintentionally, yes. ( February 25 2014 )
Unsolved mystery: What are those weird bumps on the heads of humpback whales? (February 28 2014)
Five places where you can swim with giant ocean predators (February 19 2014 )
Six ocean animals you never knew used tools (January 22, 2014)
Is trophy hunting hastening the polar bear’s demise?  (January 28, 2014)
Svalbard’s glaciers are dying – and they’re taking a fragile ecosystem with them (February 6, 2014)

Oxford University Press Blog
Are you as smart as a dolphin? [quiz] (February 27 2015)
The dawn of animal personhood (December 19, 2013)
The precarious future of ocean megafauna (October, 2013)
Do dolphins call each other by name?
(July, 2013)

The Huffington Post
Dolphins Sometimes Carry Weapons (November 25 2015)
Dolphins Don’t Sleep (November 23 2015)
Dolphins Almost Never Drown (November 18 2015)
Meet the Weirdest Dolphin in the Ocean: The Spinner Dolphin (November 15 2015)
Do dolphins even want to talk to us? (December, 2013)
Are dolphins dumb? (September, 2013)
Do dolphins call each other by name? (August, 2013)

Diver Magazine
Dolphins in the deep (original title) (Deep Breath column, print edition – December 2013)

The Dolphin Pod (Podcast)
Ship Strikes, Emie’s questions 14 February 2009
The Dolphin Species Song 05 July 2008
Dolphin communication, cookie cutter sharks26 April 2008
Dolphin personalities, dolphin mittens (flippers)19 March 2008
Dolphins and whales in the Middle Ages, magnetite04 March 2008
Dolphin sleep behavior, dolphin teeth 15 February 2008
The truth about Dolphin Assisted Therapy, pink dolphins 01 February 2008
Humpback whale echolocation, Pelorus jack 01 January 2008
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Dolphin Buoyancy, Dolphin Hair19 November 2007
SMM Conference, Spy Hopping, Surfing Dolphins 07 November 2007
Top 5 Dolphin Myths, Ben Underwood 28 October 2007
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Where does the word ‘dolphin’ come from? 17 March 2007
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How to identify individual dolphins 03 October 2006
Know a dolphin’s body parts 24 September 2006
Dolphin breathing – it’s the thought that counts 20 September 2006
Herman’s Dolphin Prodigies 12 September 2006
The Dim Dolphin Controversy 05 September 2006
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The Hollywood Dolphin Squeak 14 August 2006
The Inaugural Episode 14 August 2006